Book a Comprehensive Logbook Service at GMG Automotive Services in Box Hill North

Here at GMG Automotive Services, we can provide a logbook service for your vehicle that will not compromise your new car warranty.

Whilst we have vast experience in European vehicles, we can also provide logbook servicing for all makes and models of petrol, diesel, LPG, electric and hybrid vehicles, including passenger cars and light commercial trucks.

All our mechanics are equipped with the latest technology and training. Our friendly and qualified mechanics will make sure you fully understand what is required to keep your vehicle well maintained and safe on the road.

For many years, GMG Automotive Services has provided comprehensive logbook servicing for a wide range of vehicles in Melbourne.

What is a Logbook Car Service?

A logbook service is when your car gets serviced in line with the manufacturer’s specifications. It’s essential to follow the vehicle manufacturer specifications to avoid waiving the car’s warranty. Once the vehicle is out of the warranty period, we use top quality brands such as Ryco, Wesfil, Sakura, Bosch, Petronas and Valvoline oils, just to name a few.

A logbook service includes checking the vehicles log book and adhering to the service specifications listed by the manufacturer, along with performing a Safety Inspection on the vehicle. Car service intervals are determined by time or kilometres as stated in the vehicles log book.

If a service interval is missed or vehicle manufacturer approved parts are not used during the warranty period this can result in the vehicle’s warranty being void. Ultimately you may not be able to claim on your warranty if any future unexpected problems occur with the vehicle, costing you time and money.

If you need a thorough logbook service for your vehicle, let GMG Automotive in Box Hill North, Victoria help you. Our VACC Certified mechanics are fully authorised to provide new car logbook servicing and ensure your vehicle passes the requirements set out by the manufacturer with flying colours.

Get Your Log Book Stamped By Our Authorised Technicians

The friendly team at GMG Automotive are fully qualified and will ensure your new vehicle receives a comprehensive logbook service that exceeds the car manufacturers minimum requirements. Our team will:

  • Perform a thorough vehicle comprehensive safety inspection.
  • Complete all the manufacturer’s scheduled items
  • Provide a logbook stamp for improved resale value
  • Itemised Invoice with a detailed Vehicle Report of work covered
  • Personalised service where you deal with the mechanics directly.

If you’re looking for a professional logbook service that protects your new car warranty, then contact GMG Automotive today.

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