Early signs your vehicle may require an exhaust or muffler repair can include the vehicle sounding louder than usual and even the smell of exhaust fumes from inside the cabin.

Common Exhaust problems we often see:

  • Excessive noise levels
  • Lack of vehicle performance
  • Rattling sounds from underneath the vehicle
  • Defective catalytic converters
  • Exhaust fumes entering the cabin
  • Mufflers rusting due to age / corrosion / cracking
  • Damage from impact such as speed humps, gutters etc.

Our qualified mechanics will inspect your vehicle’s exhaust system and mufflers, giving you a non-biased opinion on its performance and condition.

Exhaust repair & replacement costs can vary greatly depending on your vehicle and what performance needs you require.

We will only quote upon inspection. This way we can tailor options to suit your vehicle needs and your budget.
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