As a VicRoads licensed vehicle tester for over 20 years, we can provide roadworthy vehicle inspections for light vehicles including vehicles with LPG systems.

All Roadworthy Certificates are governed by Victorian law and are done to meet the Victorian road standard specifications set out by Vicroads.

Pre Purchase / Vehicle Inspections

If you’re looking to buy a second hand vehicle, we also offer pre-purchase inspections. A pre purchase inspection takes approx 2 – 2.5 hours. During this time, a comprehensive safety inspection and report is done on the vehicle, including checking the vehicle’s structural integrity. Even if a vehicle comes with a Roadworthy Certificate, we would still recommend getting a Pre purchase vehicle inspection. A vehicle inspection helps you make an informed decision on the vehicle you are purchasing. It could save you time and money in the long run.

Common items we check are:

  • Spark plug condition.
  • Engine condition.
  • Filter conditions.
  • Fluid conditions.
  • Service history – log book.
  • Brakes, Suspension, Driveline & Exhaust condition.
  • Tyre and wheel condition.
  • Vehicle body and Interior condition.
  • Vehicles structural integrity.

Common questions around Roadworthy Certificates.

Why do I need a Roadworthy Certificate?

A Roadworthy Certificate is required if you need to transfer ownership of a vehicle.

If a vehicle is unregistered, you require a Roadworthy Certificate to re-register that vehicle with Vicroads in Victoria.

How do I get a Roadworthy Certificate?

You will need to book your vehicle with a licensed Vicroads vehicle tester.

Who can present a vehicle for a Roadworthy Inspection?

Anyone can present a vehicle for a Roadworthy Inspection. You will need a valid driver’s license or photo identification with you and a current email address.

The presenter’s details and the vehicle details are logged with Vicroads. This will include any relevant photographs of the vehicle taken during the inspection process. 

What is involved in a Roadworthy Inspection?

There is a first initial detailed inspection done on the vehicle. This entails checking many safety aspects of the vehicle, including the vehicles structural integrity. 

Once the first inspection is completed, one of our qualified mechanics will be in touch to discuss how the inspection went. You will be notified if there are any defects on the vehicle and quoted accordingly for any repairs that might be required to bring the vehicle up to Victorian road standards. If no defects are found, a Roadworthy Certificate will be issued after the first inspection.

You have 14 days to repair any defects found on the vehicle from the first inspection. Otherwise, the roadworthy inspection process will expire. 

Once the necessary repairs are done, a second inspection is conducted. The vehicle needs to pass the 2nd inspection for the Roadworthy Certificate to be issued.

How long is a Roadworthy Certificate Valid?

A roadworthy certificate is valid for 30 days from the date it is issued. If your Roadworthy falls past this 30 days, a new Roadworthy Certificate is required.

Do I need a Roadworthy if I service my car regularly?

A Roadworthy Certificate is very different to a Log Book / Vehicle service. Vicroads set out strict guidelines that a licensed vehicle tester must adhere to which involve the safety and structural integrity of a vehicle, not the vehicle’s service history.

How much does a Roadworthy Cost?

Here at GMG Automotive, a standard light vehicle Roadworthy Inspection will start from $275 inc GST. Larger vehicle’s such as a 4WD, whether it runs on diesel or LPG will incur a higher Inspection cost. 

Vehicle’s older than 10 years will be charged at an hourly rate, needing to allow a minimum of 3 hours for the first inspection.

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